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"Is Being Too Picky Preventing You From Meeting a Great Partner?

If you are looking for love and you are finding it too difficult to find someone to match what you feel is the ideal mate for you, chances are that you are just too picky to date. The fact of the matter is that no one is perfect. Sure, you should not just settle for anybody that comes along and you should have some standards in place for the ideal person you want in life, but there are times when you need to sacrifice certain traits and characteristics in order to have someone to spend the rest of your life with.

One area where people have problems with being too picky to date is in the looks department. It is amazing sometimes the standards that some people have in place for what a person must look like before they will date them. There are some people who will not date a person with a certain hair color or will not date them unless they have a certain hair color. The potential date has to fit some ideal that the person has in mind of the “perfect mate”.

Is Being Too Picky Preventing You From Meeting a Great Partner?

There are also people who will not date someone unless they meet a certain physical standard as well. Sadly, most people set standards that are so far out of their league that it is just not attainable. Therefore, they spend much of their life trying to find someone to love and to love them back.

Money is another issue where people become too picky to date. This is usually a problem for women, but some men have these standards in place as well. The potential mate must make a certain amount of money before they will even be considered for a date. What some people do not understand is that money is not everything. You may find someone who makes a lot of money, but you do not have a thing in common. If you end up dating someone just because of their money, you will end up miserable because of not being compatible.

If you find that you have become just too picky to date, my advice is to give someone a chance even if they do not meet your standards. You just never know when love will strike. The person who does not meet your looks or financial standards may just be the perfect mate for you if you give them a chance. After all, it is not about looks or money, rather it is about how much you have in common, how they treat you and how you feel when you are around them. In the end, you will be much happier if you let go of some of your standards and let love in.

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